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9th & Larkin Chocolate

9th & Larkin Bar Display-min

Single Origin Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from San Francisco

Antidote Chocolate

Antidote Supreme 73% Dark Chocolate Baking Bar

Direct Trade Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Sourced and Produced in Quito, Ecuador

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry Pistoles

Renowned Couverture & Baking Chocolates

Chocolat Bonnat


Master Bean-to-Bar Chocolatier from Voiron, France


Chocolove Chocolate BarsBelgian Chocolate Bars with a Love Poem in each Package

Callebaut Chocolate


Home of the Finest Belgian Couverture & Baking Chocolates

Crow & Moss

Crow & Moss 67% Dark Chocolate Bar with Earl Grey Tea LifestyleBean-to-Bar Chocolate from Petoskey, Michigan

Dolfin Chocolate

Dolfin Chocolate Bar Spread

Artisanally-Infused Belgian Chocolate Bar Blends

François Pralus Chocolate

François Pralus Chocolate Bar Lifestyle

Exceptional French Master Single-Origin Chocolate Maker


Goldkenn bar display

Coveted Swiss Chocolate with Liquor

Keller + Manni Chocolate

Keller + Manni Assorted Chocolate Lifestyle

Bean to Bar Chocolate with an “Extravirgin Collection” including Olive Oil Infused Chocolate

Meso Cacao

Meso Cacao Pico Bonito Honduras Cocoa Pods-min

Bean-to-Bar Couverture from Central American Countries


MoMe Landing

Premium Drinking Chocolate Sticks

Monsoon Chocolate

Monsoon Bar Display

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Tucson, AZ

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Chocolate Cross Selection


Belgian Chocolate Toppings & Confections

Mallow Puffs

Mallow Puffs in Half

Vegan Marshmallows in Belgian Dark Chocolate

Niederegger Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Niederegger Chocolate Covered Marzipan

Chocolate Covered Marzipan from Lubeck, Germany

Napoleon Belgian Sweets

Napoleon Mixed Assortment

Belgian Candies Made with Care since 1912

Savvy Chocolate Co.

Savvy Chocolate Co. Lifestyle bar spread

Bean-to-Bar Craft Chocolate

Taste Artisan Chocolate

Taste Artisan Chocolate Bar Display

 Small-Batch Artisan Chocolate

Åkesson’s Chocolate

AOC Akesson's Chocolate Bars

Plantation Owners & Single Estate Chocolate Producers

Asbach® Pralinen

Asbach® Assorted Brandy Chocolates in Wood Gift Box Open Brandy-Filled German Chocolate

Amano Chocolate

Amano Dos Rios Dominican Republic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

Small, Carefully Crafted Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Orem, UT

Bensdorp Cocoa Powder

Bensdorp Royal Dutch Cocoa Powder

The “Powder of Success” from the Netherlands

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Gourmet Sweets Lifestyle

British Gourmet Sweets

Côte d’Or Chocolate

Côte d’Or Hazelnuts in Milk Chocolate-min

Chocolate Bars & Pieces from Belgium’s #1 Chocolate Brand

deZaan Cocoa

deZaan Cocoa Powder LifestyleThe Finest Quality Cocoa Powders from Holland since 1911

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Chocolate Array Small Batch Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Domori Chocolate

Domori Fave di Cacao Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Cocoa Beans Lifestyle 3 Fine Chocolates & Couvertures from the Highest Quality Cocoa

Guido Gobino

Guido Gobino Assorted Pralines Gift Box Open (1.15kg)-min

Pristine Chocolates & Pralines from Turin

Goodnow Farms

Goodnow Farms Collection

The Most-Awarded Chocolate Maker in North America

Honeymoon Chocolates

Honeymoon Chocolates Maya Mountain Belize 70 Dark Chocolate Bar-min Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Sweetened with Honey

Lake Champlain Chocolates®

Lake Champlain Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Bar Display Lifestyle

Gourmet Chocolates & Truffles from Vermont

Nirvana Belgian Chocolates

Nirvana 3.5 oz. Organic Bar Series Beauty Shot 10-2018-min

Organic Belgian Chocolate

Reber Chocolate

Reber Kugeln Piece

A Symphony of Specialty Marzipan Chocolates from Germany

Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Bar Fan


Award-Winning Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Park City, UT

Omnom Chocolate

Omnom Chocolate Bar Spread

Award Winning Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Iceland

Svenska Kakao

Svenska Kakao Chocolate Bar Display

Nordic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Sweden

Amedei Chocolate

Amedei Ilheus Chocolate Gift Box Open2

Award-Winning Bean-to-Bar Chocolate, Couverture & Pralines from Tuscany, Italy

Allez Chocolate

Allez Caramel Flakes Lifestyle

Couverture Chocolates & Confection Products for Bulk & Industrial Use


Baru Banner Image

Surreally-Good Belgian Chocolates, Marhsmallows & Confections


Belcolade Noir Superieur 60% Dark Chocolate Confection

The Real Belgian Chocolate Couverture & Baking Products

Butlers Irish Chocolate

Butlers 40% Milk Chocolate Bar with Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin 3Irish Chocolate touted as The Purveyors of Happiness

Carlier Belgian Nougat

Carlier Nougat Pieces Lifestyle 2

Belgian Nougat Crafted with Care


Droste Cocoa Powder

Dutch Cocoa Powder & Chocolate Pastilles from The Netherlands

El Rey Chocolate

El Rey Caoba 41% Milk Couverture Chocolate Discs


Made-at-the-Source Venezuelan Couverture & Chocolates


Everbar Open

The Favorite Chocolate Wafer Bars


Felchlin Sao Palme Couverture

The World’s Finest Swiss Noble Couverture

Fjåk Chocolate

Fjak Chocolate Bar Spread

The First Bean-to-Bar Maker in Norway – Multi-Award Winning

French Broad Chocolate

French Broad Chocolate Bars-min

Fine Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bars & Drinking Chocolates

Guittard Chocolate Company

Guittard Organic Natural Cocoa Powder (8oz) lifestyle

Artisanal Couvertures, Powders & Chocolates since 1868

Guylian Belgian Chocolate

Guylian Seashells beauty shot

Belgium’s Favorite Chocolate & The Original Chocolate Seashells

Hands Off My Chocolate

Hands Off My Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Hazelnut Praline Bar

Delicious, Fair & Quality Belgian Chocolate

MIA (Made in Africa) Chocolate

MIA Open Bar

Made-at-the-Source Madagascan Chocolate

Cluizel Chocolate

Michel Cluizel Kayambe Noir de Cacao 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Gourmet French Chocolates, Couvertures, Truffles, Pralines & Gifts

Millésime Chocolate

Millésime - © Christian Delvaux - 20200423 - DSCF6627-min

Award-Winning Bean-to-Bar Organic Belgian Chocolate

Peter's Caramel Loaf

Peter's Caramel Loaf

Bulk Caramel Loaves for Industrial Use

Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona Chocolate Feves Hero

French Couverture Chocolate Feves & Chocolate Baking Products

Willie's Cacao

Willies Cacao Bar Layout

Single Origin Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

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Featured Brand:

Prova Gourmet

Vanilla Masters from Paris since 1946


Fine & Curated Chocolates

A vast array of the finest culinary chocolates & couvertures produced, on top of award-winning bean to bar alike chocolate bars, pieces and gifting options. Both direct to your doorstep as well as large volume fulfillment. Please contact with questions

Fine & Curated Chocolates

We offer the largest selection of premium culinary chocolate & couverture from around the world. You’ll also find award-winning retail, bean to bar and single origin products, as well as unlimited chocolate gifting options. We ship all orders, retail or bulk, directly to your doorstep or shipping dock. Connect with WWC for all of your chocolate needs, desires and questions.

Featured Product:

Guittard Milk Chocolate Nonpareils:

Discounted for Limited Time

Guittard Milk Chocolate Wafers with Colored Nonpareils

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