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Pairing Chocolate and Tea

A Guide to Pairing Chocolate with Tea

Fine Wine? Fine Tea!

Despite the classic pairing of chocolate and wine, tea pairs just as well with chocolate! The five “True Teas” are Black, Green, White, Oolong, and Pu-erh, with “Herbal Teas” also available for selection. There are not too many “bad” combinations, although some chocolates certainly pair better with some teas than others. Scroll below to view our guidelines, then select your blend, read about each tea, find your ideal pairings, and indulge.

How To Host a Pairing Party

The Art of Tasting

Pairing Chocolate & Tea Tips

When pairing tea with chocolate, you want to use high-quality chocolates; low-quality blends may have hydrogenated fats which have replaced the cocoa butter. Look for tea and chocolate blends with fewer ingredients, as these will provide the “truest” tasting experience.

You can contrast, compliment, and enhance both tea and chocolate flavors when paired properly.

Complementing: Pursue tea and chocolate blends which may not have the same characteristics, but are compatible. i.e. an orange-infused chocolate could pair well with a honey-sweet tea (often Oolong).

Contrasting: Look for chocolate and tea with completely different characteristics. You could take a spicy dark chocolate blend and out it up against a smooth green tea

Enhancing: Pair tea and chocolate which share similar characteristics. An earthy tea would enhance the flavors of chocolate with nuts

A successful pairing will bring out all of the flavors in both the tea and the chocolate blends. Neither flavor profile will be washed away, and depending on your desired outcome (contrasting vs. complementing vs. enhancing), you will taste sensational results.

Below you can find each tea, and within each page you will be able to view teas in each family. This tea and chocolate pairing selection is constantly in the works, and has the basic tea info available currently. Read about your favorite teas below, and shop our extensive catalog and host your own chocolate and tea pairing!

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

White Tea

Green Tea

Pu-erh Tea

Herbal Tea