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Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Bars

Chocolove started as a seed of an idea in a cocoa field in Indonesia while the founder was there for volunteer work. After traveling to 28 different countries over two years as a volunteer and sampling the local spices, teas and wines, his palate had expanded immensely. While nibbling on a piece of cocoa in that field, he realized something: the gourmet chocolate in America was limited and intimidating, and they didn’t list their cocoa content. At that moment, he decided that he would enter the chocolate business and form Chocolove. Now, over 20 years and countless chocolate bars later, Chocolove calls Boulder, Colorado home.

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XO No-Sugar-Added Chocolate Bars

Premium Dark & Milk Bars with No Added Sugar

Sharing Chocolove with someone you love may not always be an option if that person is diabetic, following a Keto-inspired diet, or simply wants no sugar added in the food they eat. To better serve this segment of the population, Chocolove introduces XO: their new line of no sugar added bars in both 60% Dark and 37% Milk.

Ruby Cacao Bars

With No Artificial Colors or Flavoring

Ruby Chocolate is the latest classification of the term, created by the Barry Callebaut Co. Since its initial development in 2004, it was released in 2017 to the public. This new chocolate is made from “ruby” cocoa beans, which, in appearance, has a similar hue as white chocolate, but with a distinct pink, or ruby, color-tone. This coloring, nor the berry-notes are artificial, rather all natural. It has a distinct sweet fruity flavor, with some subtle sour tones. Chocolove now manufactures this Ruby blend, with no artificial taste or coloring.

Dark Chocolate Bars

Premium Dark Chocolate & Organic Dark Chocolate

Chocolove’s origin story is as unique as the chocolates they make, which is quite unique if you take a glance at the selection available here. Originally dreamed up in a field of cocoa in Indonesia, Chocolove calls the mountains of Boulder, Colorado home – a perfect place to create smooth, rich chocolate. This very special chocolatier believes that chocolate and love are two inseparable concepts, which is why each chocolate bar is packaged to look like a letter from abroad and is wrapped in a romantic love poem. This thoughtful presentation makes Chocolove dark chocolate bars a perfect gift for loved ones.

Milk Chocolate Bars

Creamy Milk Chocolate

Chocolove is the true embodiment of the American spirit. Initially dreamed up while standing in the middle of a cocoa field in Indonesia, Chocolove has grown into a successful business operated in the cool mountain air of Boulder, Colorado. Their commitment to quality is born from the founder’s discerning palate, love of chocolate and entrepreneurial spirit, all of which combine to create an unparalleled chocolate experience.