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Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845

There are few countries that know chocolate as well Switzerland – and within Switzerland, there are few chocolatiers that craft chocolate as well as Lindt. As one of Switzerland’s oldest chocolatiers, Lindt has cultivated a World Wide reputation for excellent taste and diverse chocolate goods. Here at World Wide Chocolate, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of Lindt chocolates at highly affordable prices. We give our customers the option to order their Swiss chocolates online in bulk so as to cut down on costs and pass the savings on. Learn more about the rich history of Lindt chocolates below, and place your order with us today!

At this time, we are only carrying Lindt chocolate produced in Switzerland.

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Swiss Premium Chocolate

Manufactured in Switzerland

Swiss chocolate has become one of the most famous varieties of this delectable treat thanks to the decades of commitment their chocolatiers have dedicated to perfecting their craft. Out of a herd of Swiss chocolatiers, one stands apart from the rest: Lindt. Rodolphe Lindt was one of the most respected chocolatiers of his time thanks to his invention of the “conche,” an apparatus that allowed him to create chocolate with an unbeatably smooth consistency and uniform melting quality. Since then, his methods have been perfected and turned into one of the most delicious and recognizable treats on store shelves: Lindt Chocolate Bars.

Excellence & Classic Recipe

Lindt’s Iconic Chocolate Bars

Keeping true to their roots, Lindt manufactures both their Excellence chocolate bars & classic recipe chocolate bars in the Swiss fashion. Shop now at competitive pricing.

LINDOR Chocolate Truffles

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Lindt is one of Switzerland’s oldest chocolate manufacturers and one of its most popular. This popularity is well-deserved, as Lindt has a reputation for producing gourmet Swiss chocolate products of the highest quality. Of the diverse selection of Lindt chocolate products, Lindt chocolate truffles are a well-known favorite. These delicious Lindt truffles, also known as Lindor truffles, are made with the same unique attention to detail and dedication to quality that have been present in the company for the past 150 years. Browse the selection of Lindt truffles available from World Wide Chocolate to find your favorite chocolate treat at a great price. We carry several different gourmet truffle options as well as several of the best flavors.