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Vanilla Masters from Paris since 1946


Fine & Curated Chocolates

A vast array of the finest culinary chocolates & couvertures produced, on top of award-winning bean to bar alike chocolate bars, pieces and gifting options. Both direct to your doorstep as well as large volume fulfillment. Please contact with questions

Fine & Curated Chocolates

We offer the largest selection of premium culinary chocolate & couverture from around the world. You’ll also find award-winning retail, bean to bar and single origin products, as well as unlimited chocolate gifting options. We ship all orders, retail or bulk, directly to your doorstep or shipping dock. Connect with WWC for all of your chocolate needs, desires and questions.

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Upon sending us a contact request, you will receive a response within 24-48 business hours from one of our team members. 

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Prova Gourmet Logo
Prova Gourmet President Muriel Acat-Vergnet Chairwoman

A Word from Prova Gourmet’s President, Muriel Acat-Vergnet:

Prova is a story of family and passions, which has been written for three generations.

Daniel, my father has raised the small family business to the big leagues, to make it an international leader in its specialties. Entrepreneur at heart, bold and creative, he imagined innovative aromatic solutions, knowing how to surround himself with talents, keys to our success.

Heir for three generations of family and entrepreneurial values, I am both proud to carry the torch of our company and proud of our historical anchorage in the land of France from where we continue our spin-off in the world.

The quality of the links we forge, the close relationships based on mutual respect, and mutual aid have always been and will always be our strength. This is how I see the company, a human adventure that is both complex and exciting.

Our values reflect who we are and are naturally expressed around taste.

The taste to dare: our rallying cry, the taste for products: the passion for our professions, the taste of others and ours: a particular attention paid to each person, customers, suppliers, collaborators, and then more than ever the taste of life: that of respect for the earth and men.

My role is to continue to grow our company, write new chapters and prepare the next generation. That is why I will continue to care and act ethically for our own and others.

Those who, one day, will take the reins of the company, will do the same. I have immense confidence in my team

Prova Gourmet’s Process

“The Vanilla Handbook”

Whether it be Madagascar, Tahiti or Papua New Guinea, vanilla is a quality guarantee which appeals to and reassures the end consumer. Vanilla bean seeds contained in the long and supple beans will enhance aromas and visual appeal in desserts, revealing either woody, almondy, powdery or fruity notes.

Vanilla is what makes the flavor identity of French classics such as Mille-feuille, flan pâtisserie, éclair, macarons & crème brûlée. Vanilla can also be paired in savory recipes with fish, sauces, game meats & foie gras.

Continue below to learn about the queen of spices: cost, cultivation, quality, use in application, and more.


Understanding Vanilla’s Cost:

plant sprouting

A Long & Traditional Growing Method

The processing period for vanilla takes place over a 15-month timeframe. Each step in the process involves expert intervention by hand which no machine is able to replicate, yielding one of the most labor-intensive crops to harvest and process.
Globe Icon

Growing Worldwide Demand

The consumer demand for natural products continues to increase, especially from emerging countries like China. This can create shortage situations, and as consequence, an increase in price.
Madagascar Icon

Madagascar Dependence

Madagascar is the predominant supplier of vanilla accounting for about 80% of the global vanilla production. The country’s local political and social context will also have a significant impact on production and pricing.

money icon

Government-Set Pricing

Pricing of green and bulk vanilla is set each year based on demand. Since 2019, the government has established a minimum price for vanilla in order to secure a minimum revenue for local growers.
speculation icon


Some stock are not released to the market to create a shortage situation and in turn bump up pricing.
Weather icon

Weather Impact

Vanilla production remains an unstable crop as it is subject to the one & only, Mother Nature. The unstable possibility of environmental conditions can create inconsistent production in seeing typhoons, heavy rains, plant exhaustion, etc. Climate change continues to increase the intensity and frequency of the natural occurrences, making vanilla such a treasured spice.

Discover Prova’s Vanilla & Origins

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Identifying Bean Quality



14cm (5.5in) is the preferred quality bean size. Anything lower are kept for extraction.



Black, shiny & non-split.



Supple. Should allow a knot without breaking.


Humidity Level

Between 28-35% depending on the origin. A very moist bean is not neccessarily a sign of quality. Too much humidity in the bean might be the result of some curing steps that were skipped creating a bacteriologoically unstable product.


Vanilla Rate

At 1.2-1.8% the bean will be stable and create the perfect organoleptic balance. A vanillin content beyond 2% is exceptional and will sometimes materialize in the form of “frost” (white vanillin crystals formed on top of the skins that gives the frosty look).


Constant QA

All five of these steps are practiced like clockwork. The quality assurance aspect is one of the most important pieces in this process and Prova Gourmet maintains high standards for constant quality assessment.


Getting the Best of Prova Gourmet’s Vanilla Products

vanilla flower icon

Vanilla Beans

Infuse as long as possible in a fat base (cream or whole milk) to release all essential oils from the vanilla.

Infusion Tips: 

Split the bean in half, scrape the seeds out and steep them with the emptied pods in the liquid base. Heat up at 70° C (beyond the temperature that would give undesirable notes of cooked milk) for 20-30 minutes tops. Let it cool and ideally sit overnight in the fridge to extend infusion time and flavor development. Strain.

Recommended Dosage: 

1 to 3 bean per liter (depending on bean weight).

Maitre Vaniller Pro Tips:

lightbulb icon


Post-infusion beans will still retian some aromatic properties. Rinse the emptied skins off with cold water, dry them out and grind them into a powder. 

You may also mix the beans with sugar to make your own vanilla sugar.

mason jar icon


Vanilla bean is a very sensitive product that requires adequate conditions to preserve its quality and flavor intensity. 

Keep beans in an air-tight container such as a glass jar or a metal tin, away from sun light and at room temperature.

Avoid plastic containers that could alter the organoleptic properties of the bean.

drop icon

Extracts & Vanilla Pastes

Made from pure vanilla, extracts and pastes offer a convenient and exonomical alternative to beans. Ready to use, they will achieve the full intensity of vanilla, with thinner or thicker consistency to suit different mixes.

They can be used in all sorts of applications, hot or cold: pastry cream, custards, ice creams, mousses, genoises, cakes, sauces, ganaches…

Recommended Dosage: 2% by weight.

powder icon

Whole Bean Ground

Made with whole beans, whole beans ground (also called vanilla bean powder) will achieve the full bean intensity without any added liquid. Ideal for macaron shells, tart shells, etc.

Recommended Dosage: 0.05-0.1% by weight. Increase powder quantity for a Chantilly or meringue.

Prova Groumet Vanilla Ice Cream Lifestyle


Add Value to Your Products & Brand:

Consumers nowadays more than ever are looking for quality, all natural & origin-specific products.

Highlighting the origins of the ingredients will add value to your product offerings and brand perception.


Use pure vanilla to increase sales (beans, extracts, paste or powder) even in simple desserts. Maximize oppotunities in informing your customers about your care for quality ingredients, in your pastry showcase or on your restaurant menu. For example: Flan pâtisserie made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and more.