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What is a “Cremino”? Does it differ from Gianduja and Giandujotto? Where and when was it first made? Read below to find out answers to these questions, and discover the history of Cremino!

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What is “Cremino”?

The Cremino (plural: “Cremini”) is typically a tri-layered chocolate confection, usually cube shaped, comprising of Gianduja (which can be read about here: What is Gianduja?) on the outer layers, with a sweet interior layer. The interior layer is usually consisting of something like a hazelnut or almond cream filling, but also could include other popular flavored cream fillings like lemon, coffee, and caramel. They are individually wrapped in foil for single-serve indulgence (although it is near-impossible to only have one!).

Today, the cremino can be recognized by its characteristic cube shape, and is a symbol of Turin’s artisanal chocolate.

The History

The Cremino originally derived from the Piedmont region of northern Italy from business owners Ferdinando Baratti and associate Edoardo Milano. The two opened a chocolate shop under the “Baratti & Milano” name in 1858 and they are still producing chocolate to this day. While their Cremino is believed to have been the catalyst of their business growth in the 1850s, “official” documentation only dates this product type back to 1934.

After the Cremino was created and saw a gaining popularity, other Italian chocolate makers quickly followed suit and began producing their own renditions of this creamy & delectable treat while using the finest hazelnuts available: PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts, coming from their local Piedmont, Italy region.

The Cremini popularity still exists today and continues to grow, and Italian makers maintain their status as being known for producing the best Cremini in the world.

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Cremino from the Finest Italian Makers

We are fortunate enough today to include luxury Cremini options from prestigious chocolate makers: Domori & Guido Gobino, both producing chocolate in Turin. These Italian brands have mastered their crafts for over a combined 90 years and are only seeing a growth in popularity within the US!

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