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What is a Chocolate Napolitain? Is there a greater significance of this terminology, or are we merely seeing basic semantics? And does “Neapolitan” have a different meaning? Scroll down below to discover our take and if there’s more behind the story!

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The History

“Napolitains,” first referred to as “Neapolitans” are individually wrapped pieces of chocolate in typically a square, or rectangular format. The common terminology we see today in the United States is merely a “chocolate square,” but they are in fact interchangeable terms! Usually coming in sizes around 5-10grams, numerous chocolate makers offer their finest single origin and mixed blends in a napolitain form factor. Napolitains are available in pre-assorted boxes, as well as bulk formats. They are often served often with a cup of coffee and also ideal pieces for chocolate tastings & pairings, and perfect table toppers for hosting events.

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The History

The use of the phrase ‘Neapolitans‘ in chocolate can actually be traced back to the 19th century, with Terry’s of York, England, first producing Neapolitans in 1899 in the Terry’s factory which made York the UK’s chocolate capital. Nowadays, consumers are quite familiar with Terry’s Chocolate Oranges; “Whack, and Unwrap!” Although Terry’s was sold to Kraft Foods in 1993 and Terry’s Neapolitans were discontinued in 2005 when their York factory was closed.

Today, some makers user ‘Napolitain’ and some other makers use ‘Neapolitan’ – they are interchangeable terms and appear to vary depending on the maker’s country of origin.

You may also see Cialdine chocolate pieces from Guido Gobino – this translates to “wafer” although it too is a 5g individually wrapped chocolate piece – the same principle! Our US options still use “square” as their terminology, but at the end of the day it’s all semantics!

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