Prova Gourmet Grade A Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans (8oz)

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Grade A Vanilla Beans, 8oz Bags

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Harvested and prepared in Papua New Guinea according to the traditional method, The Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans enrich your creations with the intensity of their aromatic notes; powdery fruity almost raspberry-like, almondy and spicy.

This is of the Tahitensis variety, and is Grade A Quality.

Directions for infusion:

  • Split the bean, scrape out the seeds with a knife and immerse it all in your liquid preparation (1 bean per liter)
  • Let infuse at 70°C for 20 min then let it cool down. If possible, let infuse 24h in the fridge

Directions for storage:

  • Store the beans away from light at room temperature in a metal box or glass jar (do not refrigerate nor freeze)

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