Baking discs are another fine chocolate selection for bakers who like using various types of baking chocolate for all sorts of sweet creations. To satisfy a wide range of baking needs, chocolatiers create larger-sized disc-shaped chocolate, which are also known as feves or wafers. Each option has a signature shape and definition, although all fall under a hierarchy-disc attribute.

Chocolate Baking Discs

It can be a fun experience shopping for baking discs at World Wide Chocolate because there are so many delicious options. Our collection includes dark chocolate with various cocoa bean intensities and flavor enhancements. You can also find discs made of milk chocolate, white chocolate and those flavored with mint or vanilla. Let’s just say that the baking possibilities with discs are endless.

Looking to create unforgettable cookies? Substitute chocolate discs for standard chocolate chips to create your unique version of the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. You may also want to add discs to recipes for cupcakes, pies, special occasion cakes, ice cream and pastries. Or use them to enhance your edible decorations. Feel free to kick back and enjoy exploring our wonderful selection of baking discs today.