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Not only do we offer Michel Cluizel’s premium chocolate bars, but also their chocolate squares in both tasting boxes and bulk quantities. Arguably the best snacking chocolate, the single-estate tasting boxes take you on a journey through chocolate tasting, while their bulk square offerings are a great way to indulge in greatness and save! Just as single malt Scotch is renowned for having been produced at a single distillery, thereby preserving the uniqueness of that particular estate, so too does chocolate have a similar standard. This style of chocolate is produced by Michel Cluizel chocolatiers under the title of “les Crus de Plantation®”, or Single Plantation bars and squares, meaning all of the cocoa beans originated at the same farm. This is a complex and detailed process that involves an immense amount of work, but for those who care about their craft like the people at Michel Cluizel do, it’s worth it.

Cluizel Plantations Box

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Michel Cluizel 16-Piece Plantations Chocolate Tasting Box

16-Piece Single Estate Tasting Box

Premium Chocolate

These Single Plantation Chocolates express the aromatic potential of each soil type thanks to appropriate processing and unique know-how. This new range is a taste trip through 5 Plantations: ‘Mokaya’ Organic, ‘Los Anconès’ Organic, El Jardín, ‘Vila Gracinda’ and ‘Mangaro,’ and various flavors notes, to delight your eyes and taste buds alike.

28-Piece Single Estate Tasting Box

Visually Stunning

These twenty-eight individually wrapped Single Plantation Chocolates express the aromatic potential of each soil type thanks to appropriate processing and unique know-how. This new range is a taste trip through 5 Plantations: ‘Mokaya’ Organic, ‘Los Anconès’ Organic, El Jardín, ‘Vila Gracinda’ and ‘Mangaro,’ and various flavors notes, to delight your eyes and taste buds alike.

Michel Cluizel 28-Piece Plantations Chocolate Tasting Box
Michel Cluizel Kayambe Grand Lait 45% Milk Chocolate Square

Grand Lait Milk Chocolate Squares

45% Cacao, Smooth Milk Chocolate

This delightful grand lait melts in the mouth with brown caramel notes, then releases intense milky condensed notes before coming back to sweet milk caramel notes.

Kayambe Noir de Cacao Dark Chocolate Squares

72% Cacao, Full-Bodied Dark Chocolate

Velvety and well-rounded on the palate, this chocolate excels with the aromatic intensity of its woody, even licoricey and particularly strong cocoa notes. A long finish, full-bodied and creamy, finally fades into a gentle whiff of bitterness.

Tasting notes: flavors of red berries, licorice and finely bitter cocoa.

Michel Cluizel Kayambe Noir de Cacao 72% Dark Chocolate Squares
Michel Cluizel Arcango Grand Noir 85% Dark Chocolate Squares

Grand Noir Dark Chocolate Squares

85% Cacao, Deep Dark Chocolate

Its deep dark shade foreshadows the intensity of its perfectly balanced cocoas. A few notes of roasted chestnut and slightly tangy grilled coffee beans enhance the intense pureness of this great high cocoa content chocolate.

Noir Infini Dark Chocolate Squares

99% Cacao, Extra Intense Dark Chocolate

The extremely high cocoa content of this exceptional chocolate reveals deep and dense notes. Designed for connoisseurs.

Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99% Dark Chocolate Squares
Michel Cluizel Mangaro 50% Milk Chocolate Squares

Plantation Mangaro 50% Milk Chocolate Bar

Dark Milk Chocolate with Cocoa from Madagascar

Exclusively made with light beans with typicity, this first worldwide 50% milk plantation chocolate harmoniously combines notes of caramel, exotic fruits, gingerbread and honey.

Plantation Mangaro 65% Dark Chocolate Bar

Single-Estate Chocolate from Madagascar

In Africa, the norest-west island of Madagascar, the Mangaro Plantation lies in the rich valley of the Sambirano River. Some of the particular aromas of this cocoa come from the tropical climate tempered by the influence of the Indian Ocean. The name of the Mangaro plantation refers to the vast mango forest that stood there before the cocoa trees were planted.

The beans from this plantation produce an outstanding flavored chocolate which combines notes of exotic fruits, gingerbread, and citrus fruits.

Michel Cluizel Mangaro 65% Dark Chocolate Squares
Michel Cluizel Los Anconès Dominican Republic Organic 73% Dark Chocolate Square

Plantation Los Anconès 73% Dark Chocolate Squares

Certified Organic Chocolate from the Dominican Republic

In the heart of the Caribbean, to the west of San Francisco de Macoris, the Los Anconès Plantation, situated at the center of the island at a slight altitude, benefits from the abundant warm rains brought by the trade winds. Since 1903, the Rizek family has cultivated cocoa beans, under the protection of the palm trees, using no pesticides.

The long processed beans of this plantation consecutively reveal their aromas of liquorice stick, red berries and green olives.

Plantation Vila Gracinda 67% Dark Chocolate Squares

Single-Estate Chocolate from São Tomé

Located in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, Sao Tome is a small island on the equator. Its volcanic soil and equatorial climate are so fitting for cocoa trees, Sao Tome is nicknamed, “chocolate island.” The nearby Atlantic Ocean sprays the Vila Gracinda Plantation beans with a hint of iodine.

Lingering spice and herbaceous notes characterize this much aromatic chocolate made of cocoa beans grown on an abundant, volcanic and sea soil.

Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67% Dark Chocolate Squares 2
Michel Cluizel Mokaya 66% Dark Chocolate Squares

Plantation Mokaya Mexico 66% Dark Chocolate Squares

Where Chocolate, or “Kakawa” Originated

The Mokaya Plantation is situated in the Chiapas region, the cradle of cocoa, which extends to the border of Guatemala. Almost 2000 years before this era, the Mokaras, an indigenous fishermen people, were fond of the drink made from cocoa pulp or seeds: the first “chocolate” in the world, called, “kakawa”

People in this plantation located in the Mexican region of Chiapas perpetuate the ancient indigenous tradition by producing unequalled cocoa beans. In the mouth, powerful notes of cocoa and fruits turn in a second time into dried fruits flavor.

El Jardín 75% Dark Chocolate Squares

Single-Estate Chocolate from Colombia

Located in the Finca El Jardín, in the floodplains of the Ariari river, the El Jardín Plantation extends over 20 hectares. It is protected by an exceptional luxurious environment that gives the cocoa trees their richness. The name of the El Jardín Plantation evokes the Meta region, which overflows with natural “jardin” of breath-taking beauty.

The ‘El Jardín’ plantation chocolate reveals its characteristics through notes of honey, red berries, and caramel combined to roasted and peppery notes that end up with a fresh and minty lingering taste.

Michel Cluizel El Jardín Colombia 75% Dark Chocolate Square
Michel Cluizel La Laguna 47% Milk Chocolate Squares

Plantation La Laguna 47% Dark Milk Chocolate Squares

With Guatemalan Cacao

This dark milk chocolate bar constains 47% cocoa from Plantation La Laguna, which is nestled in the mountainous forest of Alta Verapaz central Guatemala. The blend offers the tasting notes of cappuccino, hot chocolate, hazelnut, butterscotch, and intense cocoa notes.

Plantation La Laguna 70% Dark Chocolate Squares

Single-Estate Chocolate from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Plantation La Laguna is nestled in the mountainous forest of Alta Verapaz, central Guatemala. The Rio Cahabon waterway crosses the 4,800ha plantation on its way to La Laguna lake. Water, the source of life, irrigates this natural and protected land, where cocoa trees are grown on the mountainsides at between 475-600 meters above sea level.

This dark chocolate bar, 70% cocoa from Plantation La Laguna nestled in the mountainous forest of Alta Verapaz central Guatemala, offers the tasting notes of plum, roasted cocoa, apple cooked in butter, licorice, tropical pepper, and minty notes.

Michel Cluizel La Laguna Guatemala 70% Dark Chocolate Squares
Michel Cluizel Riachuelo 51% Milk Chocolate Squares

Plantation Riachuelo 51% Dark Milk Chocolate Squares

Single-Estate Chocolate from Brazil

Creamy milk chocolate with sweet notes of cream and caramel, mingling with notes of red fruits and cocoa, with a spicy and fresh lingering flavor.

Plantation Riachuelo 70% Dark Chocolate Squares

Single-Estate Chocolate from Brazil

Situated in the Bahia region in Brazil, the Riachuelo Plantation benefits from a lush environment in the heart of the Atlantic Forest close to the ocean. The cocoa trees are cultivated with respect for the surrounding fauna and flora, composed of numerous exotic trees such as the Massaranduba or the Pail d’Arco.

Dark chocolate with harmonious flavors of grilled cocoa, dried fruit, and berries, mingling with bitter-sweet notes, in a delicately spiced dark chocolate and long caramel finish.

Michel Cluizel Riachuelo 70% Dark Chocolate Squares

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