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Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona Chocolate Bars and Squares

World Wide Chocolate is please to supply a great line of Valrhona chocolate bars and Valrhona chocolate squares. We include the Valrhona Estate Grown series include the Estate Grown Palmira Plantation, Gran Couva Plantation and Ampamakia Millot Plantation. Also we offer Valrhona organic chocolate in both dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Further, WWC has Valrhona bars such in guanaja, Tanariva, Tainori, Alpaco, Caraibe, Abinao in milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars and squares.

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Valrhona "Estate Grown" Dark Chocolate Bars

Valrhona Chocolate Bars - 70g / 2.46oz

Valrhona Chocolate Bars - 100g / 3.5oz

Valrhona Baking Chocolate Bars - 250g/6.88oz

Valrhona Chocolate Squares

Valrhona Samplers - 1 Block, 2 Bars and 50 Square Sets

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