Valrhona Les Perles Craquantes, Dark Chocolate
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Valrhona Les Perles Craquantes, 55% Cocoa, Crunchy Cereal Pearls

Valrhona Les Perles Craquantes

These chocolate "Crunchy Perles" from Valrhona are used in baking and pastry - making. Their rich cocoa taste makes them a delicious addition to danish - style and other pastries. :Perles" remain deliciously crunchy right to the heart even after baking. Their unusual spherical shape means you can also use them for decorating fantasy chocolate pieces, chocolate sweets, desserts, muffins, cakes, breads and cookies!


Biscuit cereals coated in dark chocolate (55% cocoa minimum (pure cocoa minimum). Ingredients: sugar, cocoa beans, biscuit cereals (wheat flour, sugar, wheat malt, wheat starch, raising agent: E500ii, salt, cocoa butter, natural flavouring) 17% cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract. This product may contain traces of nuts, egg proteins and nuts.

1 Pound Bag

1kg./2.2lb. Bag

3kg/6.6 lb Bag

Valrhona French Chocolate - "Les Perles Craquantes" Crunchy Cereal Pearls Coated in Dark Chocolate, 55% Cocoa, Repackaged, 1 Pound.