The Trinidad sun rises over Gran Couva. Harvesters from the plantation open cocoa pods with a machete and remove the precious cocoa beans. The first "Chocolate de Domaine" has just arrived! "A Perfect Taste Balance". A taste that is round, balanced, not aggressive. An initial saesation in the mouth that is all gentleness, a powerful increase in the aromas of roasted almonds and hazelnuts. A note of spices. Only a limited quanity of each vintage is available. That's what makes Gran Couva the rarest chocolate in the world.
Cocoa beans from Trinidad, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, soy lecithin, May contain traces of nuts, milk and egg protein, gluten and peanut. 64 % Cocoa.
Single Bar
5 Bars
Valrhona Chocolate - "2013" Estate Grown Dark Chocolate, "Gran Couva Plantation", 64% Cocoa, 75g/2.6oz.
Valrhona Gran Couva, 2009 Estate Grown Dark Chocolate Bars | French