Taza makes Taza Vanilla Bean Chocolate Mexicano with single origin, sustainably grown cacao and whole bourbon vanilla beans. They source their vanilla from the Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation in Costa Rica, where they cultivate it organically and biodynamically. To craft their chocolate, Taza uses the entire vanilla pod, not just the seeds, grinding it together with their roasted cacao nibs. Enjoy this profoundly perfumed disc as a snack or in hot cocoa. 100% USDA certified organic. Direct Trade Certifiied. Pareve Kosher,
50% Dark Chocolate. Ingredients: organic roasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, and organic vanilla bean. Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free.
Taza Vanilla 50% Dark Chocolate Mexicano, Organic, 77g/2.7oz
Single Pack
6 Disc

Taza Vanilla Chocolate Mexicano | 50% Dark, 77g / 2.7oz

12 Disc Case
Taza Vanilla