Taza Coffee Mexicano - You will be blown away by how perfectly the deep chocolaty and nutty nuances of Counter Culture Coffee’s Direct Trade certified beans marry with their organic Dominican cacao. To create the ideal balance, Counter Culture Coffee custom-roasts the coffee beans just a tad darker than usual (this is now dubbed “the Taza Roast”). Taza thinks Mark Overbay of Counter Culture summed it up pretty well, after the CCC team tasted their test batch: “The sweeter, caramel-like notes of the coffee provide a thumping bass line to the fruity top notes of the chocolate.” 100% USDA certified organic. Direct Trade Certifiied. Pareve Kosher,
50% Dark Chocolate. Ingredients: Organic roasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, and organic coffee. Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free.
Taza Coffee 55% Dark Chocolate Mexicano, Organic, 77g/2.7oz
Single Pack
6 Disc

Taza Coffee Chocolate Mexicano | 55% Dark, 77g / 2.7oz

12 Disc Case
Taza Coffee