Slitti Chocolate's 100% pure mass of cocoa is special for flavouring cakes or preparations with an intense taste of chocolate. It can also be tasted as it is if you wish to enjoy the fruit of pure cocoa. Gran Cacao is a line of plain chocolate characterized by a unique, refined taste. Created to enhance all the flavours and aromas of a good cocoa originating from Central America, it stands out with it's velvety refinement. The perfect balance of acidity, melting and flavour makes it a great chocolate. This product aims to satisfy the most attentive and demanding gourmets who want to perceive from cocoa all the organoleptic sensations that this wonderful fruit can offer. Made in Italy.
100% pure mass of cocoa.
Slitti Italian Chocolate - "Gran Cacao" 100% Pure Mass Of Cocoa, 100g/3.5oz.

Slitti Gran Cacao - 100% Cocoa Chocolate Bar

Slitti Gran Cacao 100% Cacao Chocolate Bars with 100% Cocoa