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Potomac Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate

Based in Woodbridge, VA, Potomac Chocolate was founded in 2010, and is the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, DC area.

From Potomac’s workshop, they make their fine chocolate using a traditional, artisan approach. Hand-crafting every bar, Potomac Chocolate works to coax out only the best flavors from the cacao bean in every step of the process—from roasting, cracking and winnowing the cacao beans, refining and conching, to tempering and molding the final bars. In order to highlight the beans’ flavor, their chocolate is made from the bare minimum of ingredients: cacao beans and sugar, with no added vanilla, cocoa butter or emulsifier.

Potomac - 2011 Good Foods Finalist Potomac - 2011 Good Foods Finalist 2011 Awards for the Potomac 70% Upala Bar

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Potomac Chocolate Bars

Potomac Upala 70%
Potomac Chocolate Upala 70% Dark Chocolate, 57g / 2oz

Single Bar    $7.99

5 Bars     $37.95

15 Bar Case    $107.95

Potomac Upala 70% Nibs
Potomac Chocolate Upala 70% Nib Dark Chocolate, 57g / 2oz

Single Bar     $7.99

5 Bars    $37.95

15 Bar Case    $107.95

Potomac Upala 82%
Potomac Chocolate Upala 82% Dark Chocolate, 57g / 2oz

Single Bar    $7.99

5 Bars    $37.95

15 Bar Case    $107.95

Potomac Chocolate - Bean to Bar

Ben Rasmussen, Chocolate Maker, for Potomac Chocolate, began as a sceptic of fine dark chocolate, but after his brother and sister-in-law introduced him to it, he was quickly converted and soon began making frequent trips to Biagio Fine Chocolate in DC where he tried every bar he could get his hands on. Even now, he continue to expand his knowledge of chocolate through study and experimentation, and by constantly evaluating the finer points of the various chocolates I try.

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