This Natural semi - sweet chocolate is finely ground and makes a genuine cup of hot chocolate. Make with hot or cold milk, hot or cold water. Also use on or in Yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, Martini's, whipped crem/mousse, iced chocolate frappe, doughs for tarts or creme brulee. Plantation's mission is to safegauard heirloom cocoa varietals, encourage sustainable shade cocoa cultivation methods preserving the rainforest and guarantee a fair price for cacao farmers.
Cane sugar, ground cocoa beans, cocoa solids, soy lecithin, (natural) carragean gum.
Platations - Hot Chocolate mix, with Ecuadorian Arriba 45% Cocoa, 454g/16.00z.
16oz Cocoa

Plantations Hot Chocolate

Plantations Instant Hot Chocolate | Ecuadorian Arriba 45% Cocoa