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Patric Chocolate

Patric Chocolate, founded in early 2006 by Alan “Patric” McClure, was one of the first craft chocolate makers in the US to make chocolate from scratch—from bean-to-bar. Patric is currently one of the most respected chocolate makers in the US, having received praise from the likes of Gourmet Magazine, the New Yorker Online, the LA Times, Forbes, and Food & Wine Magazine.

Since 2006, Patric has expanded its product line to include some of the best single-origin dark chocolates in the world. This has garnered Patric Chocolate a 2011 Good Food Award, recognition as a “Best New American Chocolate” by Food & Wine Magazine and now a 2012 Good Food Award win for Patric Chocolate’s Signature 70% Blend. McClure plans to expand the product line yet again in 2012, with the creation of several additional premium chocolate bars never before seen in the chocolate market.

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