Ecuador’s ‘Arriba’ cacao is appreciated for its superior fine flavour, but its existence is being threatened by the propagation and promotion of the industrial cacao hybrid CCN51. Original Beans’ conservation effort in alliance with small producer cooperatives in the Esmeraldas region is aimed at conserving the authentic Arriba cacao and protecting the rainforests in which this original bean thrives.
Direct trade cacao beans (certified organic, certified fair trade), cacao butter, milk (certified organic), cane sugar (certified organic), fleur de sel
Original Beans Esmeralda Milk - Ecuador - 42% Organic Chocolate - 2.46 oz.
Single Bar
6 Bars

Original Beans Esmeralda Milk, Ecuador | 42% Cocoa, Milk Chocolate | 2.46oz/70g

13 Bar Case
Original Beans Esmeralda Milk