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Nirvana Chocolate

Nirvana Chocolate Gift Boxes & Gifts

Nirvana Chocolate - “the ultimate experience of some pleasurable emotion such as harmony or joy.” The Nirvana Company strives for that kind of perfection in their Belgian chocolate. Making small batches to control consistency, flavors, and textures this company unites sheer artistry with ingredients that are pure and wholesome. Try this chocolate and you will achieve “nirvana”!

Each Nirvana gift box contains a variety of our finest imported Belgian Dark, Milk and Ivory chocolates. These gourmet chocolates are hand-made using all-natural ingredients. Indulge in a luscious selection of our most popular flavors such as the Praline Heart, Zen Caramel, Mocha Paradise, and more. Nirvana Belgian Chocolate Collections are available in two popular varieties: Assorted, and All-Dark.

Warm Weather Packaging
  * Insulated container
  * Reusable frozen gel pack.

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Nirvana Chocolate Gift Boxes

Nirvana Chocolate - Assorted Truffle Gift Box
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