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Lindt Boxed Chocolate and Gifts

Lindt & Sprungli - This chocolate is truly the combination of two enterprising companies in Switzerland.  In 1845, Sprungli and his family took an Italian recipe and impressed the elite of Zurich.  They became so popular in their own region they had to move their shop to a new location so that they could hire more employees.  Later in 1879 another famous chocolatier, Rodolphe Lindt perfected a melting chocolate process that produced a taste, aroma, and qualities never seen in the industry at this point in time.  Sprungli in a daring move purchased the Lindt Company, transferred all that he had to combine the two companies which proved over the years to be a very successful move.

Today, Lindt Chocolate is produced in six different countries with sales world wide.  World Wide Chocolate is pleased to offer an excellent variety of Lindt Truffles and at great prices!

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Lindt Truffle Picnic Basket
Lindt Truffle Gift Bowl
120 Piece Lindt Truffle Gift Basket
With your choice of one of eight truffle flavors.
$ 75.00
Click here to choose Flavors

Lindt Truffle Gift Basket
Lindt Truffle Wooden Bowl
Wooden Bowl filled with Lindt Chocolate Mixed Variety of Truffles (All Flavors) - 120 Pieces
Lindt Truffle Gift Bowl
$ 75.00
Lindt Truffle Gift Basket
Lindt Truffle gift Bowl
"60 Piece Variety Lindt Lindor Truffle Gift Basket!"
60 pc. Gift Basket $ 35.00
10 Baskets $ 310.00
Lindt Excellence Gift Basket
Lindt Classic Gift Basket
Lindt Excellence Gift Basket
Lindt Excellence Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket
Gift Basket $ 55.00
Lindt Classic Gift Basket
Lindt Chocolate Gourmet Classic Gift Basket!
Single Basket $ 75.00
Lindt Lover's Large Gift Basket
Lindt Chocolate Gift Basket
A Lindt Lover's
Lindt Gift Basket
$ 129.99
Lindt Gift Boxes
Lindt Lindor Classic Assorted Truffles Gift Box
Lindt Swiss Chocolate - "Classic Assortment" 177g/6.2oz.
Single Box $ 16.99
Lindt Petits Desserts
Lindt Swiss Chocolate - "Petits Desserts" 18 Pieces, 170g/6.0oz.
Single Box $ 11.99
Lindt Petits Desserts
Lindt Swiss Chocolate - "Petits Desserts" 18 Pieces, 170g/6.0oz.
Single Box $ 11.99
6 Box Case $ 62.99
Lindt Gourmet Truffles Gift Box
Lindt Truffles Gourmet Gift Box
Single Box $ 16.99

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