Lake Champlain Chocolates Caramel Five Star Bar - Milk Chocolate
"The ultimate chocolate bar." Vogue magazine Five Star Chocolate Bars. Still carefully crafted by hand the only way to get them so chunky these luxuriant creations are so rich you'll be tempted to put some aside for later. But you'll find that's impossible. Caramel: Fresh Vermont cream, butter, sugar, honey, and vanilla, slow cooked in copper kettles, yields thick, creamy caramel. Dark chocolate chunks and almonds are added, then covered in milk chocolate. Featured in Steve Almond's book Candyfreak yes, these are the ones! Kosher Dairy
Lake Champlain Chocolates - Five Star Bar "Caramel", Milk Chocolate, 2 oz.
Single Bar
8 Bars

Lake Champlain Caramel Five Star Bar - Milk Chocolate Bar - 2 oz.

16 Bar Case