Hachez 77% Cocoa D'Arriba Strawberry Pepper Chocolate Bar - This solid 100g bar is made from select high-quality beans from Ecuador. Described as smooth and clean, each bite of the Cocoa D'Arriba melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste with 77% cocoa content. The smooth flavor of this variety of bar is immediately enhanced by the flavor of sweet, succulent strawberries. As the chocolate melts in the mouth, the experience culminates in the sharp yet subtle zest of Madagascan green pepper. Hachez's Cocoa D'Arriba is milder than other chocolates with a high cocoa content. Hachez's Cocoa D'Arriba is all-natural with no artificial ingredients.
cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, strawberries (1.5%), natural flavorings, green pepper, Bourbon-Vanilla. Cocoa minimum: 77%.. May contain traces of nuts.
Hachez 77% Cocoa D'Arriba Strawberry Pepper Chocolate, Superior Mild Dark Chocolate, 100g/3.5oz
Single Bar
5 Bars

Hachez D'Arriba Strawberry Pepper Dark Chocolate | 77% Cocoa | 100g / 3.5oz

10 Bar Case
Hachez D'Arriba Strawberry Pepper