Michel Cluizel Couverture Chips 1st Cru Hacienda Los Ancones, Dark Chocolate
This high quality chocolate is created by Michel Cluizel from an exquisite blend of cocoa beans at the Los Ancones plantation, on the island of Santo Domingo in the Caribbean. This unique chocolate holds quite a complex assortment of fresher fruit flavours including apricot, peach and even green olive. The cocoa beans used for this product are Certified Organic.
67% Cocoa Minimum, Cane Sugar, Cacao Butter, Bourbon Vanilla pod.
1kg/2.2lb Bag
Michel Cluizel French Chocolate - Couverture Chips 1st Cru Hacienda "Los Ancones", Dark Chocolate 67% Cocoa, 1kg/2.2lbs. Repackaged
3kg/6.6 lb Bag
1 Pound