Flavors of roasted cocoa followed by subtle fresh hints of liquorice, star anise and vanilla. Recommended for: Coating, Molding, Ganache, Praliné filling. Possible use for: Filling, Ice-creams, Sherbets, Mousse/Bavaroise
Cane Sugar, cocoas, cocoa butter, emulsifier: colza lecithin, Bourbon vanilla pod. May contain traces of shelled tree nuts, milk and gluten.
Michel Cluizel - "Elianza Noir Couverture Pastilles", 55% Cocoa, 1 Pound Bag
1kg./2.2lbs. Bag
1 Pound Bag
3kg/6.6 lb Bag
Michel Cluziel Elianza Dark Chocolate Chips, 55% Cocoa