Michel Cluizel Les Nuancier, The High Cocoa Contents Gift Box Chocolate
This tasting Presentation Box contains 3 types of milk chocolates and 4 types of dark chocolates from a same blend of cocoa beans but differing in cocoa content. This Presentation Box contains Milk Chocolate (3.6oz.): 33% Cocoa, 45% Cocoa, 50% Cocoa Pure Java or 59% Cocoa from Mangaro Plantation. The Dark Chocolate (4.9oz.): 60% Cocoa, 72% Cocoa, 85% Cocoa and 99% Cocoa Pallets. A gift bag comes with each Presentation Box. Made in France.
Milk Chocolate : Cocoas, cane sugar, whole milk powder, Bourbon vanilla pod. Dark Chocolate : Cocoas, cane sugar, Bourbon vanilla pod, orange blossom, spices. Decorations : Cocoas, cane sugar, whole milk powder, coloring agents.
Single Box
Michel Cluizel French Chocolate - Les Nuancier "The High Cocoa Contents", 70 Pallets, 240g/8.5oz.