Callebaut’s bake stable chocolates not only have an intense, overwhelming taste. They do resist oven temperatures of up to 200°C. It makes them ideal for use in bread and bread rolls, croissants, cakes or pastry bases. The choice in shapes, sizes and flavours from dark to white chocolate is extremely wide! From chocolate sticks to chocolate drops or chunks, from extra small to large, you’ll find the perfect fit for any of your bakery products. The extra small chocolate drops are ideal in bakery items baked at low temperatures or for a shorter time. The chunks and sticks are perfect for products that stay in the oven for longer.Kosher Dairy
Sugar , unsweetened chocolate, cocoa fat, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, may contain milk. Cocoa Solids 43.9%
Callebaut Belgian Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Sticks "Batons" 300 Ct. 8cm" ea.
Single Box