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Callebaut Milk Chocolate Block, N0 Sugar Added, 33.9% Cocoa, 5kg/11.0lbs

Callebaut Milk Chocolate Block, No Sugar Added

Callebaut offers you a selection of fine chocolates with no added sugar. They have been made - according to Callebaut's strict quality standards - with premium grade cocoa beans, 100% pure cocoa butter and natural bourbon vanilla. Only the sugar in these recipes has been replaced with maltitol as a sweetener. Nevertheless, these chocolates taste nearly identical to traditional products. Furthermore they offer the same application possibilities and can be processed in exactly the same way as traditional chocolates. Their technical properties and behaviour are absolutely identical. The use of the denomination "no added sugar" on these products is allowed. Ref. Code: MALCHOC-M, % Maltitol 42.0% 495 kcal/100 g (vs. 560 kcal/100 g ref. 823NV) Applications; SAUCES & GLAZINGS, DECORATING, AROMATISE.


Sweetener; Maltitol (wheat), cocoa butter, dry whole milk, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa 33.9%, Milk solids 21.5%




Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, "NO Sugar Added" "Milk Chocolate BLOCK", 33.9% Cocoa, natural vanilla, 5kg/11.0lbs.