The Amano Ocumare Milk is unique. If you are a milk chocolate lover, you will be enthralled by this beautiful milk chocolate. The beans come exclusively from the Ocumare Valley in Venezuela and just as they produce an absolutely incredible dark chocolate, they produce a milk chocolate that is equally as rich, complex, and utterly beautiful. It has been since the 1700's, Ocumare has been famous for its flavorful cryollo cocoa beans. Kosher Dairy
Cocoa beans, Whole Milk Powder, Pure cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole vanilla beans.
Amano Ocumare Milk Chocolate Bar, 30% Cocoa, 2oz / 56g
Single Bar
6 Bars

Amano Ocumare Milk Chocolate | Artisan Chocolate Bar | 30% Cocoa | 2oz/56g

12 Bar Case
Amano Ocumare Milk Chocolate