About WWC

What We Offer

World Wide Chocolate features gourmet baking chocolate and artisan chocolate, including chocolate gifts from some of the world’s finest chocolate makers. And we pride ourselves in providing you fast and reliable service, shipping thoughout the United States. You, our customer, expect quality when you order gourmet chocolate. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the taste of fine chocolate is incomparable. It can be a truly unique experience. And the tastes can be so varied. Chocolate makers around the globe can create such different confections because of the origins of the bean and how they are processed. We find the business of providing you the world’s best chocolate a very satisfying one and one which we care about very much. From the selecting of special brands, to warehousing and to shipping, we invest great care. We want you to thoroughly share in the enjoyment of these delicious treats.