May 13

Lindt Chocolatiers Share Their Advice

Lindt chocolatiers are some of the most dedicated in the world.  Below are some of the sage words some of their most experienced Master Chocolatiers to anyone interested in pursuing the art:

Treat the chocolate with respect, because it can be extremely temperamental.  - Ann

For anyone aspiring to enter the profession they should pursue good basic training and keep learning—always be on the lookout for new trends and interesting flavor combinations.  - Hans

Advice to would-be Maître Chocolatiers: have a passion for chocolate and an interest to learn all aspects of the job, from the fresh bean to the finished product.  - Hans, Master Chocolatier

Technique and knowledge of food science can be learned, but the passion for the work must be present before you begin.  - Flora,
Anyone wanting to enter the profession should have good ideas and creativity involving recipe development and flavor combinations.  - Urs

One must be curious, always researching new technologies, and have a thirst for learning; to be very self-disciplined and take a lot of pleasure in one’s work.  - JeanPierre

It’s not enough to be fond of chocolate and be creative; one must be passionate, persevering, a perfectionist, and accept that it takes time, patience, and study. Furthermore, team spirit is absolutely necessary to conceive, create, make, and sell Lindt’s exceptional final product.  - David

Chocolate should be a source of wonder that recaptures the sweetness of childhood and believes that, much in the way a jeweler creates a gemstone out of a rock, chocolate-making should always be a creative endeavor.  - Helene

In order to be a good Maître Chocolatier, in addition to having a good eye and patience, you must try what you are making.  - Thomas

Quotes from these Lindt Master Chocolatiers can be found on Lindtusa.com


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