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Books on Chocolate

Here are a few books that might be of interest:

The Great Book of Chocolate by David Lebovitz

This book is includes chocolate recipes but is much more. It is a great resource, including recipes, lore, history, sources, anecdotes, manufacture, producers, and botany of cacao and chocolate. Click here.

The Book of Chocolate by Jeanne Bourin, Nathalie Bailleux, John Feltwell

“Based on the original Flammarion title, The Book of Chocolate, this lavishly illustrated book, now edited and brought up to date, takes readers on a journey through the history and production of the world’s most seductive confection: chocolate. Learn how the cocoa bean, first enjoyed by the Aztecs, has traveled around the globe to produce endless variations of chocolate. Through the eyes of food critics, chefs, journalists, and historians, this book explores the rich history of chocolate, along with a modern-day investigation of its many flavors and forms. A list of tantalizing recipes and a guide to the finest purveyors of chocolate worldwide make this volume indispensable to chocolate lovers everywhere. If the list of recipes is not enough to bring out the chocoholic in you, just look at the delicious illustrations, specially commissioned photographs, rare vintage posters, and fine paintings all in honor of this favorite confection.” Click here.

The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural and Natural History of Cacao with Recipes by Maricel E. Presilla

“While the recounting of the history of chocolate along with a complete step-by-step perusal of the journey from bean to bar may offer compelling enough reason to purchase this book, I think the chapters on tasting the different qualities of that sinful commodity even more coersive. Anyone who likes to use chocolate in their culinary creations, may find the variety of finer qualities of couverture daunting. Which to use when whipping up a delicate mousse or a flourless liquid center cake? What spices compliment and which deterioriate? Never fear–the author diligently answers all such queries by recounting a tasting procedure which explains color, flavor characterizations, desirable and undesirable aromas and texture to well-educate your palate while insuring your choice of a specific chocolate to fit your expectations.”

Click here.



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