Feb 15

Chocolate Truffles by Lindt

ΒΌ cup (60ml) heavy cream
5oz (150grams) Lindt milk, white or dark chocolate, chopped
1 tablespoon (15 grams) butter, softened

Heat the cream until it just comes to a boil, add the chopped chocolate and remove the saucepan from the heat.
Stir or whisk the mixture until the chocolate is completely melted.
Stir in the butter until the ganache is smooth.
Put the ganache in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, ensuring that the plastic makes contact with the entire surface of the ganache.
Refrigerate overnight or until the ganache is set.

To form basic truffles
Use a melon baller, small ice cream scoop, teaspoon or piping bag.
Roll the ganache in a ball and place on parchment paper.

To finish the truffles
Option 1
Roll truffles in unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered sugar, chocolate shavings, chopped chocolate, chopped toasted nuts or coconut.
Option 2
Temper a few ounces of the desired type of chocolate. Wash hands, rinse them in cold water and dry them thoroughly (cold hands prevent the truffles from softening and the tempered chocolate from getting too warm). Place a tablespoon of tempered chocolate in the palm of your hand and roll the truffles to coat. Place the finished truffle on parchment paper. Replenish the chocolate in your hand as needed. The chocolate coated truffles can also be rolled in the toppings suggested above.

Makes approximately 20 truffles


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